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 Specialty Flooring = Easier than you think!

There are millions of square feet of flooring installed every year.  You only care about yours.  Whether you need 200, 2000, or 20,000 feet; We can handle it, and give you the best Bang-For-The-Buck.  The options are limitless; just give us a little direction & we can give you just the right options.  Hardwood or softwood, Clear to Rustic, New or Reclaimed, Locally Harvested & Sustainably Managed to Exotic Import.  Never forget: long lengths are in your budget; why settle for 18-inch pieces?  Three foot should be your minimum; & we like 6-10' boards.  It goes through our moulder at the same speed, why not use longer wood?

What are we best at?

Local Oak

Reclaimed Fir & Pine

Anything wider than 2.25"

Special Requests









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